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Eric P. Canada

Author of Economic Development for the Team

Blane, Canada Ltd.

Eric P. Canada, is the author of Economic Development for the Team. He is a nationally recognized authority on economic development marketing as well as business retention and expansion. He is a psychologist by training, an entrepreneur at heart, and a developer by choice. He has a rich history of leadership in economic development thinking, tool development, and sharing. A few of his professional innovations include:

Competitive Capacity Analysis: Objective Key Performance Indicators (benchmarks) replacing traditionally subjective SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat) assessment.

Portfolio Analysis, Predictive Modeling, Competitive Intelligence via business retention executive interviews.

Dynamic M2M Marketing Networks, a sustainable, self-funding economic development program centered on existing manufacturing firms.

LEAN Existing Industry Strategy, a holistic regional approach to business retention and expansion.

Synchronist Suite®, a cloud based platform for managing economic development strategy and programs.

Mr. Canada’s new book Economic Development for the Team, is written for the new economic developer, staff, Board Members, and volunteers. Insights, diagrams, graphics, and success stories help make concepts relatable. The built-in glossary puts the acronyms and language of the profession at hand.

In his first book, Economic Development for Results, Mr. Canada successfully adopted business-tobusiness marketing techniques to economic development marketing challenges long before B2B became fashionable.

Mr. Canada has facilitated economic development strategies and helped clients capture marketing and existing business opportunities. Clients in the U.S. and Canada have included large and small economic development organizations.

Blane, Canada Ltd. also publishes the Economic Development Marketing Letter: 13 Tips (e-mail newsletter) and distributes news via Twitter: @edmarketingpro. Free resources are available at BlaneCanada.com

Blane, Canada Ltd. is located in Wheaton, Illinois. Mr. Canada can be reached at 630.462.9222, ecanada@blanecanada.com, www.blanecanada.com, www.synchronist.com.