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Guido van het Hof

Guido van het Hof is the President Great Northern Hydroponics in Kingsville, Ontario,  Canada and has been with the company since January 2002. 

Great Northern Hydroponics is a technologically advanced 70 acre greenhouse facility in  the Kingsville/Leamington region that was the first greenhouse in the area with a 12 MW  Combined Heat and Power plant and the first with a 15 acre fully lighted year-round  production facility. 

After obtaining a Bachelor of Science and becoming a Horticultural Engineer in  Commercial Horticulture at the College of Higher Agricultural Education (now HAS  University) in the Netherlands in 1995, Guido van het Hof served as production manager  in large hydroponic greenhouse facilities in the USA, Netherlands and Canada. He has  also overseen many large expansion projects in this industry many of which adapted trail blazing new technology that broke the mold for greenhouse expansion projects.  

Due to Guido van het Hof’s expertise in commercial hydroponics, he was an advisor to  the Horticultural program at the University of Guelph in Ontario. He also served on the  Advisory committee for the Horticultural program of St. Clair College. Since the  beginning of 2019 he is also a board member of Fluence by OSRAM horticultural  lighting.