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Judy Morgan

Judy Morgan is a planning and economic development professional who works as a freelance consultant, often with 360 Collective. She has strong hands-on experience developing and implementing economic development programs and policies for downtown and commercial areas. Until 2015 she was Director of several different economic development portfolios in the City of Toronto. She has been the retail specialist for the City of Toronto Economic Development and City Planning departments, author of main street-supportive official plan policies and zoning by-laws and Manager of Toronto’s BIA Office. Since 2015 she has worked with Three Sixty Collective on a variety of retail and main street projects, including the Canadian Urban Institute’s “Bring Back Main Streets” initiative in 2020. Other recent projects include the “Toronto Retail Main Street Study”, a comprehensive assessment of trends and issues impacting independent businesses on main streets that recommended policy and economic development program changes, the “Toronto Retail Design Manual” and a Strategic and Operational Plan for the Toronto Association of BIAs.